Everything about this makes me happy.

I love, love, love this.

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I have figured out a few things (probably):

  1. Sexuality is fluid.
  2. Sexual fluidity varies in viscosity for different people.
  3. If you identify as something, it doesn’t matter who you’re dating/have dated/have never dated. You are who you decide you are, and nobody should be able to tell you otherwise.
  4. Don’t make assumptions about other people’s sexualities. I don’t care if you know a boy who has been in a three-year relationship with another boy. He might not be gay (or even a he).
  5. Not a lot of people have it all figured out. As I’ve shared my personal confusion, a lot of people have confided their own struggles to me as well.
  6. Living in a binary-obsessed society is the pits.

So go out there and make out with whomever you please. Or with no one at all. Your call.




you’re still fighting.
you’re still grinding your teeth.
you’re still not moving fast enough forward
but you’re still after me.
you’re still talking and talking
but you’re still in over your head
cause you still talk and talk by the gallon
but you still don’t want to burn that padded bed.
and you still open wide for salt
when it’s pouring down your wounds
and you still bow to gravity
and you’re still taking it literally
and you’re still laying down the law
but you still don’t know the truth
and you’re still not sure what’s happening here
cause you’re still not going to try
and you’re still addicted to way back when
instead of coming back to life
and I know you don’t want to hear it

cause you still can’t stand to see
and I know you still won’t drop your guard
cause I just might knock you free.
yeah, but my point forever endlessly
is you still don’t know you’re amazing,
you still don’t know you’re amazing,
you still don’t. know. you’re amazing
for the things you see

-Buddy Wakefield

this girl has my heart, ya’ll.

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